Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Crafty Creatives Box 14!!!!!


Normally I either miss my box and have to go and collect it OR I spend most of the day pacing the house waiting for it to arrive! Today my postman MUST of had his weetabix! Because this morning he knocked on my door at 8am and woke me and the children up! I have to say as I woke up and heard the knocking, my feet barely touched the stairs as I ran down them! I knew it could be my box and he even said to me "sorry for waking you, although you look rather pleased to have your craft box!" After over a year of receiving them I'm not surprised even they recognise the pink packaging! 

Anyway! This months theme is WESTERN!
Howdy partners and here is a first look at what came in this months Crafty Creatives Box 14! Unfortunately I was not the golden ticket winner :( but the box is however packed full with lots of crafty goodies all themed around cowboys and Indians! 

I LOVE the art card by Anastasia Alexandrin, an artist from Philadelphia, take a look at more of her work at 

 When I first opened my box I scrambled through it so fast I thought I had an item missing! But the tiny little bear fetish pendant was hiding in the CCkit! It's so cute and I think it will become a bracelet! 

The papers we get in the boxes are always one of my favourite items and this months are so cute! I love the patterns! Especially the cowboy print! I feel a card making session coming on!

This months box has two kits! The first (which I am quite excited about!) is a dream catcher kit! These always remind me of my mum as she loves all western style decoration and myths.

Kit number two is to make your own mini rope basket. Looks simple and I'm thinking I could buy more rope and make huge ones! 

Back of the art card is always as lovely as the front! 

Here is a quick rundown of this months box;
• Art card by Anastasia Alexandrin 
• CCkit - dream catcher kit
• CCkit - mini rope basket
• String of turquoise beads 
• Bronze star studs
• Feather charms with turquoise stones
• 1 metre of suedette floral cut trim
• Piece of printed fleece 
• Single bear fetish pendant 
• Two pieces of American recycled denim
• Two sheets of printed craft paper.  

Right, I'm wasting no more time... Off to make use of all this beautiful stuff! I may need some research and inspiration and if I find anything amazing I shall blog that too! Ideas welcome please! 


  1. Lovely post. I used to get Crafty Creatives boxes when they first started, but in the process of moving I cancelled it just out of ease! I think I'm going to have to subscribe again xx

  2. You def should! It's like Christmas every month of the year! X

  3. Hello, I just stumbled upon this randomly now! I'm so glad you enjoyed my "Ohitika" piece :) I just wanted to make a slight correction that my official website is Thanks so much for the credit!

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