Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sun, Sea & Sand July 2014 Birch Box (Uk)

I've been receiving the Birch Box for the last few months and I love it! I've previously tried other beauty boxes but Birch Box trumps the lot! The products I have received each month have been perfect for me with lots of brands i already know but also lots of new ones too! 

Each month I have received five products and lots of full size ones too! Even the samples that aren't full size are a generous size so that you have enough to last and try the product properly. You also receive a lifestyle extra (previously these have been keyrings/popcorn/chocolate etc.) 

Each month the products come in a lovely (and reusable) box. Along with a great (also reusable!) draw string bag! The theme is different each month and you get lots of info about the products, how to use them and lots of tips and hacks. 

This months box theme is Sun, Sea & Sand. All the products I received are perfect for the summer time whether your inside or out! 

Here are the samples I received;

• Whish - Three whishes lavender body butter 
• Balance me - Wonder eye cream
• Laqa & Co - Sheer lip lube pencil (in Menatour) 
• Benefit - The Porefessional 
• Models own - Nail polish (rocket) 

Lifestyle extra;
• Filosofille - 4 sided nail buffer. 

I adore the Laqa & Co sheer lip lube! At first I wasn't keen on the deep purple colour but it has grown on me and I love it! It makes my lips super nourished and soft! 

I have a few nail polishes from Models own and I am familiar with this brand so getting another one to add to my collection was great! Who doesn't love glitter! 

The Whish lavender body butter not only smells LUSH but it has made my skin super soft and summer ready! This would be great as an alternative to after sun. 

I've yet to try the other samples but I shall blog the results when I have! You can sign up to Birch Box at for £10 a month (plus delivery) You can pay monthly, 6 monthly or yearly and you also earn points along the way to spend in the online shop! You can also give a gift subscription which I did for my Mums 50th Birthday and she loved it! 

Join in on twitter and Instagram with #birchboxuk. 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Hedgehog helpers!

Today on the way home from picking the children up my little guy spotted this cutie in the park. 

He was absolutely tiny! And all on his lonesome! He was right on the main footpath where there is a lot of footfall, dogs and even vans from the caretakers of the park. Of course we couldn't leave the little guy all alone so we decided to try and help him to safety. 

Close to where we found him is a private garden with a large gate which we thought he must of scuttled under. So we decided this would be the best place to move him to. Hedgehogs can carry fleas so you should avoid picking them up without protection. We managed to pursuade him to safety with some apple! Hopefully the little guy will be ok as I've just read that if you see one out in the daytime you should take them somewhere safe and release them when they are strong enough. So fingers crossed he found his way home! 

Anyway I thought that I would share some Hedgehog facts with you all! (Yes, when I got home I was all worried so i researched a bit!) 

1. Hedgehogs are good at running, climbing and even swimming! 
2. Their nests of made of mosses, grass, leaves and other garden debris.
3. Nests can be found at bases of hedges, brambles, bushes, garden sheds and piles of rubbish! 
4. You can help feed hedgehogs by leaving out food for them. They particularly like cat or dog food but other suitable foods include cake, biscuits, pastry, fresh and dried fruits and cooked veg. 
5. A baby hedgehog is called a Hogglet! 
6. It is thought that over the last 50 years around 95% of our hedgehogs have died/been killed on our roads etc. 

You can find more information on Hedgehogs here including how to create homes for them in your garden! 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Crafty Creatives Box 17!!!!

Oh I do love this time of the month! This months Crafty Creatives box theme is.... If you don't want to know look away now.... 

"Take a step back in time and immerse yourself in beautiful and lavish decoration and pattern!" 

The Art Card this month is brought to you by German artist Luisa Kelle. 

Fleur-de-lis charms - So many uses for these! So it's a good job the Crafty Creatives have given us so many! Jewellery, gift wrap, card making, bag charms the list is endless! 

Shield pendants - I'm unsure what to do with these?!? Any suggestions? 

The CCKit - This months kit is to make your own bracelet using a bead weaving technique! Looks like fun! 

Silver Metamica paint - I am really looking forward to trying this! I've never used it before and it looks like a whole lot of messy fun! 

Metallic fibres - I have used these before and they are amazing! Easy to use and look great on a card! 

Fabric - I know lots of you will be happy to see the return of the FQ! The colours are perfect for this time of year too!

Craft papers - We all know how I adore craft papers for my cards and the patterns on this months papers are divine! 

Red glass beads - I have a feeling these will end up on something Christmassy!

Washi tape - I have sooo much washi tape and this is a great addition to my collection! @emmapbeautiful on Instagram has made a lovely card using this! 

Two crown charms - these would look cute as zip pulls! Simple to do and would make a great finishing touch. 

Two metal filigrees - One of my favourite items in this months box, maybe a couple of brooches or hair slides??? 

Another huge mix of products from the Crafty Creatives team! Stay tuned for more tutorials from your CC Calaborator! 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

***NEW*** Top 5 Tuesdays!!!

Top 5 Instagramers
New to the blog this week I am introducing top five Tuesdays! Each Tuesday I will bring you my top five of something. This week is my top five Instagramers! Below are my favourite people to follow and a little bit about what they have to offer!
No. 5

At Number five is an childhood friend of mine Samantha Challenger. (aka Sammy) Sammy's Instagram is full of fashion and beauty. Perfect for a busy mum like myself! She is also an amazing blogger and blogs a huge variety of fashion and beauty, Testing lots of product and sharing her view on them.

At number four is Mummybird. Claire Mumford is a mum of three who makes beautiful jewellery. Claire's instagram is always full of pretty things! You can find her on Instagram here and she also has an Etzy page where you can purchase lots of her jewellery.

At number three is Gaze of Dolls. Take a look into Louise Williams whimsical world of wonderful whales! I have purchased postcards and stickers from Louise's amazing collection on Etzy. Not only did they arrive super fast but they are fantastic quality and the designs are all original and a little different! You can find her here on Instagram and take a look at her etzy page here

At number two is Polkadots and Petticoats. I love love love Jackies Instagram and I have purchaced a few things from her online store. Recently I brought a super cute bunny night light for my little girls Christmas stocking! She sells the most beautiful items from dresses to scarves to home items. All at a great price and beautiful packaging! buy at

 As a massive card maker and paper crafter my number one has to be Graphic45! I have so many graphic 45 products! But the papers are my favourite. The graphic45 Instagram page is always full of tons of inspiration for me. Check out their instagram here

Hope you enjoyed the first Top 5 Tuesday! More next week!


Monday, 28 October 2013

CCBox16 - Paper Bead Necklace Tutorial...

Inside this months CCBox we received two colours of admission tickets. Straight away I knew these would be perfect for paper beads! The Crafty Creatives team sent me blue and orange, I also got blue and pink in my box, what colours did you get???
Once you have learnt this easy technique you will be making beads out of any paper you can find!


What You Will Need

Your Crafty Creative admission tickets.

Clear nail polish or PVA glue.

Leather cord or ribbon (I used leather cord which you can find here
Cocktail sticks.

Strong double sided tape (I have used affixit super sticky tape which you can find here
    Step One
    First of all take a cocktail stick and start to wrap one of the admission tickets around it.
    Step Two
    Once you get about half way down the ticket put some double sided tape on it (or PVA) and continue to roll it up to the end. Hold for about thirty seconds to a minute depending on what adhesive you have chosen.
    Step Three
    Next coat your bead in clear nail polish to seal it. You could also use PVA for this bit too. The stix2 we got in this months box would be perfect.
    Step Four
    Now to thread your beads onto your necklace. First thread a bead onto your chosen cord/ribbon.
    Step Five
    To thread your second bead push one end of the cord from left to right through your second bead, and the other end of the cord from right to left through your second bead. Pull the cord tight so they sit snug on top of each other. Repeat this with as many beads as you wish. You have now formed a pendant!
    That's it your done! The rest of your cord becomes the necklace. You can either tie the ends or add a clasp or sliding knot to finish it. You could also make matching earrings or a bracelet! Check out my Instagram over the next few days for more paper bead ideas!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

CCBox16 - Circus Cake Topper Tutorial...

Circus Cake Topper Tutorial

Octobers CCbox brings us a fantastic circus stamp set! There are two fabulous sets... which one did you get?

The great thing about this tutorial is that once you have grasped the basics you can get as creative as you like!

To start this is what you will need...

Your Crafty Creatives Circus stamp set (set 1 or set 2)
Black stamping ink. I have used Dovecraft premium pigment ink in jet black.
Cocktail sticks
Double sided tape
White and red card (colours are your choice, white is always easy to stamp on and red reminds me of the circus!)
Craft knife, pencil and ruler to measure and cut out your circles. (I cheated and used my cutting machine to do this. You could also use a punch.) Pre cut all your circles before you start. I made mine 2" for the white and 2 1/2" for the red but you could make any size you liked. You will need twice as many white as you will red.
Step one

First of all take one of the smaller circles and using double sided tape adhere it to one of your larger circles. Repeat this with all of your circles.

Step Two

Take your choice of stamps and using the ink stamp them onto the circles. I have used circus set 1. I stamped this frame...

...and then i stamped a super cute animal in the centre. I used a different stamp for the centre for each topper so that they were all slightly different.

Step Three

Next you need to attatch the sticks. Take some double sided tape and stick one coctail stick to each of your backing circles.


Finally press onto the back of your circles that have the stamped images on.

Your Finished


Your finished! These are so simple to make and great for kids parties! Below you can see other items i have made using the stamps and even matching party ideas!






CCBox16... The Circus Box!

This months box is the Circus Box! The art card by Luke Spooner (who also created last years Gothic art card) has to be one of my favorites! You can check out more of his work at 

The box has come when the Circus is actually in my town! My Son is going on Sunday so he was also excited to see what was inside this months CCBox too! 

So what's in this months box...

•CCKit - This months kit is to make a animal pendant necklace! 

My kit came with a gorilla... What did you get? 

•Stripped buttons - I am a button hoarder and I love the buttons we received this month and they will be featuring on a card soon!

•Circus stamp box - I am a papercrafter so this was perfect for me and my favorite item I have received of all 16 boxes so far! 

•String of purple glass beads - these are beautiful! Purple is my favorite colour and I think these will probably end up as a bracelet!

•Masquerade pendants - my sister is an amazing singer and she loves the theatre so these are going onto a makeup bag I am making her for Christmas!

•Set of admission tickets - I have lots if ideas for these! 

•Craft papers - The craft papers we receive from Crafty Creatives are always such great quality. Perfect for cardmaking! 

•Suggested extra kit - This month we also received an extra kit to make your own vintage circus coasters! 

Image transfer is great fun and can be used in so many ways! Check out the CCBlog for a guide on how to image transfer. 

This months box was extra exciting for me as last month I was chosen by the Crafty Creatives team to join them in their creativeness and become a Crafty Creatives Callaborator! 

Crafty Creatives sent me a few of the items from CCBox16 early so that I could create tutorials for you all! (How exciting is that!) The first one will be featured on my blog today and then I shall post more tutorials through the week too! Please feel free to ask question if you get stuck on anything or need any advice. I hope you all enjoy the tutorials I had lots of fun creating them for you all! 

I'd also like to thank the Crafty Creatives team for choosing me to be part of such a creative and friendly team! 

Enjoy! You can also follow me on Instagram. I post lots of my CCmakes on here. Also #ccbox16 #craftycreatives on Instagram to see some extremely talented subscribers!