Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Firstly I'd just like to say sorry for the delay in posting this (and any other post for that matter!) I have been in the middle of switching jobs and as you can imagine with two small children this was a bit hectic to say the least!

Now to this months Crafty Creatives box!

This months box was a Steampunk box! Instantly I loved this box! There is just something about clockwork and crafting that fits so well together.

Inside the box...

• Art Card by Britta Van Den Boom from Germany.

• CC KIT - decoupage your own trinket box, can't wait to try this!

• 3 metres of leather brown cord. Maybe a bracelet???

• Pipe spacer beads - hmm... Bit stuck with these???

• Bottle of crackle glaze - this stuff is amazing!

• metallic transfer foils - haven't used these before but def be going on a card.

• Bundle of leather scraps - I have lots of ideas for these.

• Reel of wire - mine is copper which I love, thinking of making some bubble wands with this!

• Bulb and clock charms - how cute are these! Maybe with the cord and leather to make a necklace.

• Lock clasps - will possibly end up on a card.

• Watch parts - no idea what to do as they are so tiny but I love them!

• Brown tweed fabric with metallic copper twist - there is so much here which is fantastic! Might have a go at making a Steampunk collar.

This box is so very different to all the others, it's really taken a step back in time! The Crafty Creatives team never fail to surprise me! If your not signed up... Why not! Visit and join in the creativity!


  1. Steampunk collar sounds awesome, cannot wait to see this! This is easily one of my favourite CC boxes <3

  2. Collar will coming soon as my new sewing machine came today! Eeek! X