Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Heart key Ring made with CCBox 9...

This isn't great but I gave it a go! I'm waiting for my new sewing machine to arrive so I hand stitched all of this! It's not perfect, but I still love it.

I started by cutting two hearts from the beautiful sparkly fabric in box 9. Then two more hearts from the brown leather. I turned the bigger heart over so the back of the leather was facing up, just for another texture. I then used fabric tac (from box 1, floral) to glue the two leather hearts together and onto one piece of the fabric. Once this was dry I placed the two large hearts back to back and pinned them in place.

Next you need to make the key ring part. I used the leather cord from box 9 to attach the heart and key ring together. Remember to place the key ring part inside your pinned heart so when you turn it the right way the key ring is on the right side.

Then I stitched it all together leaving a small gap to turn it out the right way, stuffed with wadding and sewed up the hole and voila! Done!

These would make great gifts and I have already had a few people ask me to make them one!

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