Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Hedgehog helpers!

Today on the way home from picking the children up my little guy spotted this cutie in the park. 

He was absolutely tiny! And all on his lonesome! He was right on the main footpath where there is a lot of footfall, dogs and even vans from the caretakers of the park. Of course we couldn't leave the little guy all alone so we decided to try and help him to safety. 

Close to where we found him is a private garden with a large gate which we thought he must of scuttled under. So we decided this would be the best place to move him to. Hedgehogs can carry fleas so you should avoid picking them up without protection. We managed to pursuade him to safety with some apple! Hopefully the little guy will be ok as I've just read that if you see one out in the daytime you should take them somewhere safe and release them when they are strong enough. So fingers crossed he found his way home! 

Anyway I thought that I would share some Hedgehog facts with you all! (Yes, when I got home I was all worried so i researched a bit!) 

1. Hedgehogs are good at running, climbing and even swimming! 
2. Their nests of made of mosses, grass, leaves and other garden debris.
3. Nests can be found at bases of hedges, brambles, bushes, garden sheds and piles of rubbish! 
4. You can help feed hedgehogs by leaving out food for them. They particularly like cat or dog food but other suitable foods include cake, biscuits, pastry, fresh and dried fruits and cooked veg. 
5. A baby hedgehog is called a Hogglet! 
6. It is thought that over the last 50 years around 95% of our hedgehogs have died/been killed on our roads etc. 

You can find more information on Hedgehogs here www.rspb.org.uk/ including how to create homes for them in your garden! 

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