Tuesday, 23 July 2013

CCBox13 inspiration...

Although like myself lots of you love the Crafty Creatives Birthday box I have seen that some of you are not so keen. So I thought I'd help! 

Even though the box is five kits that doesn't mean that's what you HAVE to use it for. So I have found some inspiration for you all! 

I make a LOT of cards, it's my main craft passion! The crepe paper in the box is great to go on a card. I love these four above! 

If your not a floral kind of a person, you can also make great bows from crepe paper! 

This is my favourite though and I got pink crepe paper in my box so I will be having a go at this one! 

If you are a floral person but just don't like the kit, these flowers are all made from crepe paper. There are lots of tutorials online on how to make lots of different kinds. 

The paper flowers are super simple to make, but why not try them in different types of papers... I liked the cupcake one as it reminded me of the cases I still haven't used from the spots and stripes box! 

These are all made from stockings. Even the cute butterfly! 

Some more complex felt flowers. Think I might have a go at the rose! 

I also love these felt cards. I have a while piece left and some scraps that I'm going to turn into a few cards.

If you don't want to make the flower with your seed beads why not make some jewellery??? I still have heaps left so I might make a bracelet too! 

Take a look at Pinterest and google and see what you can find! The boxes can be used any way you like! I shall be making a few of the above and will blog all my makes. 



  1. Thanks for sharing this, I found these ideas really useful as didn't like all the kits. Great ideas for what to do with the bits! x

  2. Your very welcome! I've had a go at a few of these ideas, I shall pop them on the blog soon... X