Saturday, 26 October 2013

CCBox16 - Circus Cake Topper Tutorial...

Circus Cake Topper Tutorial

Octobers CCbox brings us a fantastic circus stamp set! There are two fabulous sets... which one did you get?

The great thing about this tutorial is that once you have grasped the basics you can get as creative as you like!

To start this is what you will need...

Your Crafty Creatives Circus stamp set (set 1 or set 2)
Black stamping ink. I have used Dovecraft premium pigment ink in jet black.
Cocktail sticks
Double sided tape
White and red card (colours are your choice, white is always easy to stamp on and red reminds me of the circus!)
Craft knife, pencil and ruler to measure and cut out your circles. (I cheated and used my cutting machine to do this. You could also use a punch.) Pre cut all your circles before you start. I made mine 2" for the white and 2 1/2" for the red but you could make any size you liked. You will need twice as many white as you will red.
Step one

First of all take one of the smaller circles and using double sided tape adhere it to one of your larger circles. Repeat this with all of your circles.

Step Two

Take your choice of stamps and using the ink stamp them onto the circles. I have used circus set 1. I stamped this frame...

...and then i stamped a super cute animal in the centre. I used a different stamp for the centre for each topper so that they were all slightly different.

Step Three

Next you need to attatch the sticks. Take some double sided tape and stick one coctail stick to each of your backing circles.


Finally press onto the back of your circles that have the stamped images on.

Your Finished


Your finished! These are so simple to make and great for kids parties! Below you can see other items i have made using the stamps and even matching party ideas!







  1. This is such a wonderful idea Carrie! x

  2. Thank you! More tutorials coming in the next few days! X

  3. Love these stamps they are so cute! Great tutorial x