Saturday, 26 October 2013

CCBox16... The Circus Box!

This months box is the Circus Box! The art card by Luke Spooner (who also created last years Gothic art card) has to be one of my favorites! You can check out more of his work at 

The box has come when the Circus is actually in my town! My Son is going on Sunday so he was also excited to see what was inside this months CCBox too! 

So what's in this months box...

•CCKit - This months kit is to make a animal pendant necklace! 

My kit came with a gorilla... What did you get? 

•Stripped buttons - I am a button hoarder and I love the buttons we received this month and they will be featuring on a card soon!

•Circus stamp box - I am a papercrafter so this was perfect for me and my favorite item I have received of all 16 boxes so far! 

•String of purple glass beads - these are beautiful! Purple is my favorite colour and I think these will probably end up as a bracelet!

•Masquerade pendants - my sister is an amazing singer and she loves the theatre so these are going onto a makeup bag I am making her for Christmas!

•Set of admission tickets - I have lots if ideas for these! 

•Craft papers - The craft papers we receive from Crafty Creatives are always such great quality. Perfect for cardmaking! 

•Suggested extra kit - This month we also received an extra kit to make your own vintage circus coasters! 

Image transfer is great fun and can be used in so many ways! Check out the CCBlog for a guide on how to image transfer. 

This months box was extra exciting for me as last month I was chosen by the Crafty Creatives team to join them in their creativeness and become a Crafty Creatives Callaborator! 

Crafty Creatives sent me a few of the items from CCBox16 early so that I could create tutorials for you all! (How exciting is that!) The first one will be featured on my blog today and then I shall post more tutorials through the week too! Please feel free to ask question if you get stuck on anything or need any advice. I hope you all enjoy the tutorials I had lots of fun creating them for you all! 

I'd also like to thank the Crafty Creatives team for choosing me to be part of such a creative and friendly team! 

Enjoy! You can also follow me on Instagram. I post lots of my CCmakes on here. Also #ccbox16 #craftycreatives on Instagram to see some extremely talented subscribers! 


  1. I got a bear with mine, and congrats and becoming a Creatives Collaborator it sounds exciting and I love the cupcake toppers you made!


  2. Thank you! Oooh a bear, I wonder how many different ones there are? Glad you like the tutorial :) xxxxx

  3. Ooo well done girl! You deserve this :) I've made the necklace (mine was a lion) and will be making the coasters soon! Better tattoos than me though ;)