Monday, 28 October 2013

CCBox16 - Paper Bead Necklace Tutorial...

Inside this months CCBox we received two colours of admission tickets. Straight away I knew these would be perfect for paper beads! The Crafty Creatives team sent me blue and orange, I also got blue and pink in my box, what colours did you get???
Once you have learnt this easy technique you will be making beads out of any paper you can find!


What You Will Need

Your Crafty Creative admission tickets.

Clear nail polish or PVA glue.

Leather cord or ribbon (I used leather cord which you can find here
Cocktail sticks.

Strong double sided tape (I have used affixit super sticky tape which you can find here
    Step One
    First of all take a cocktail stick and start to wrap one of the admission tickets around it.
    Step Two
    Once you get about half way down the ticket put some double sided tape on it (or PVA) and continue to roll it up to the end. Hold for about thirty seconds to a minute depending on what adhesive you have chosen.
    Step Three
    Next coat your bead in clear nail polish to seal it. You could also use PVA for this bit too. The stix2 we got in this months box would be perfect.
    Step Four
    Now to thread your beads onto your necklace. First thread a bead onto your chosen cord/ribbon.
    Step Five
    To thread your second bead push one end of the cord from left to right through your second bead, and the other end of the cord from right to left through your second bead. Pull the cord tight so they sit snug on top of each other. Repeat this with as many beads as you wish. You have now formed a pendant!
    That's it your done! The rest of your cord becomes the necklace. You can either tie the ends or add a clasp or sliding knot to finish it. You could also make matching earrings or a bracelet! Check out my Instagram over the next few days for more paper bead ideas!

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