Saturday, 20 October 2012

CCBox3 Oriental!

This is the third box from Crafty Creatives. The theme this month was oriental! Once again the box is full to the brim with goodies! I can't believe we get all this each month for just £10!!!!

Inside this box we received;

• CC Kit - Asian book binding
• 3 Chinese coins
• Chinese symbol sheet
• black ink
• 1 sheet of oriental peel-offs
• 1 wooden kokeshi doll
• 3 sheets of origami paper
• 1 fat quarter of Chinese brocade fabric
• 1 large cinnabar bead
• 3 pages from a Chinese new year fortune book
• 4 metres of red cord
• set of needles
• fortune cookie!

I love the red cord and Chinese coins and these will be transformed, along with the pages from the Chinese new year fortune book, into a few cards I think! I also love the red carved cinnabar bead although I have no idea what I'm going to do with it???

Each box comes with a different kit and this month its something I've not done before, Asian book binding. I'm looking forward to having a good go at this and learning yet another new skill through the Crafty Creatives team!

Some of the items in this box I am struggling for ideas with so I shall head over to the Crafty Creatives website/blog for inspiration. I also use pinterest for inspiration too!

Happy Crafting!

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