Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Crafty Creatives Box 11....

SPOILER ALERT!!!! If you haven't got your box yet and want a surprise please don't read!  

After my disappointment with my postman yesterday, today my box arrived! AND Its my day off today so I was even more excited as I knew I could get stuck straight in! 

Drum roll please.... This months box them is THE GLAMOUR BOX! Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Hollywood Circa 1940, this months box is sparkly and glam and full to the brim as always! 

What's in the box????

Art Card - Artist Lianne Williams brings us our art card this month and it certainly fits the theme! Check out her website for more of her amazing work! 

CC Kit - I am loving this months kit! How to make a gorgeous decorative beaded hair clip. I have been making quite a few hair clips/bows recently so this is perfect! 

Beaded Fluffy Trim - Very 1920's would look amazing on a bag or to finish off a cushion? 

10 Swarovski crystal beads in a velvet pouch - WOW! How amazing are these! I think I've received light rose! Or maybe vintage rose? Anyway they are pink! I like the sound of the other colours too though...(emerald green and crushed silk) which did you get out of the four? 

Photo glue - I use ridiculous amounts of this stuff! And I've run out so I am glad to have this in the box :)

8 Star dust beads - These are so beautiful and very glam indeed! 

Lace stamp - My fave item in the box! I absolutely LOVE stamping and I can't wait to use this! 

Ink pad - I got silver! I actually own a full set of these inks already! So I can use all five colours that were in the boxes this month! (Black, red, gold, silver and pink) which did you get???

Bag of metallic stardust - do I dare put this on my nails???? I think I do! 

Fat quarter of black velvet - so so much I can do with this! Bag, bow, flower... 

Red rose pendant - again so many uses but I think mine will prob end up on a hair clip. 

Pair of silver plated rhinestone faceted teardrops - will def be turned into earrings! 

Plus.. Crafty essential; a set of findings to make earrings with and some jump rings too! 

Wow what a box! Remember to check out our Pinterest page where I help the crafty creatives with inspiration for each box they create! 

Also check out the crafty creatives blog at or twitter @craftycreatives #CCbox11 

The next box will mark the Crafty Creatives 1st birthday! What would you like to see in the birthday box? 

Thanks for reading and watch out for my posts of what I make with #CCbox11 


  1. I absolutely loved this box! The art card is just stunning! And I love the rose pendant, might just have to pop it on a ring! xxx

  2. I loved the art card too! Can't wait to use the lace stamp! X

  3. Such a lovely box, I can't wait to make the hair slide!


  4. I started mine last night, finished all the beading, it looks fab! And was really easy too! X