Friday, 22 February 2013

Rekindling my love of sewing...

As some of you may know I studied fashion at college (BTEC National Diploma in Fashion and Design) and I loved it! It's actually how I got into crafting. Part of the course was putting together a portfolio. This involved a lot of layering and having a good eye for how to place items on a page, so a lot like card making. This is where my love of card making and paper crafting began. But I also loved sewing! I made skirts, men's jackets, corsets, trousers, t-shirts and a lot of other items too. A lot of these had embellishments on them which where made by me also.

I have recently discovered a new shop in my town called Button Up and Stitch. It's a beautiful fabric and haberdashery shop full of amazing fabrics and run by some really lovely ladies! They also run all sorts of sewing classes, which I hope to take part in in the future!

I brought some fantastically priced fabrics and felt and a few hair pins. I found a great video on you tube on how to make a fabric flower by and these are my first results! I added a hair clip to the back with some felt and they look amazing and it was so easy! Now I find myself scanning the Internet for more sewing projects! So watch this space!

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